Kraftwerk minimum-maximum

The input, expertise, and influence of producer and engineer Konrad "Conny" Plank was highly significant in the early years of Kraftwerk. Plank also worked with many of the other leading German electronic acts of that time, including members of Can , Neu!, Cluster , and Harmonia . As a result of his work with Kraftwerk, Plank's studio near Cologne became one of the most sought-after studios in the late 1970s. Plank coproduced the first four Kraftwerk albums. [8]

With the live rendition of Autobahn, the PS-HX500 does a very good job of capturing the sense of the space that the group is performing in and making the crowd’s enthusiasm part of the performance without unduly interfering with it. The bass response is also worthy of note too. It doesn’t quite manage to match the absolute depth of the aforementioned Audio-Technica AT-LP5, but it has enough weight to it to be convincing and combines this with excellent detail retrieval and tonality.

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The NME gave the album a glowing review and said: "Kraftwerk manage to convey the entire 'melange of elements' by musical means alone: the sparsity of the lyrics leaves the emphasis squarely on those robot rhythms; chilling tones and exquisite melodies." Critic Andy Gill also praised the "complexity of construction", saying "there's a lot more than electronic percussion in there". [1]

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Kraftwerk Minimum-MaximumKraftwerk Minimum-MaximumKraftwerk Minimum-MaximumKraftwerk Minimum-Maximum