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Counting Swans and Diamanda Galas as their biggest influences, Pedretti and Dorella are known for primitive industrial sounds and Pedretti's theatrically dark vocals. [6] [7] The band is set up in minimalist fashion, with only two members, one of whom plays a half drum kit. Stereogum 's Doug Moore described the band's sound as, "music – rhythmic noise, really – that simmers with a flat-affect malice, owing equal debts to extreme metal , noise rock , industrial music , and dark electronica , " [8] while Christian Eede of The Quietus recalled their music as being "punctuated by slamming, swampy drums, squalls of feedback and punchy guitar riffs, as well as Stefania Pedretti's no-holds-barred vocal." [9] OvO has also been compared to Joe Preston 's solo project, Thrones , for its "equally ambitious exploration of heaviness beyond metal's sundry genres". [10] Throughout their seventeen years (and counting) of touring, the band has played with an eclectic array of artists including Thurston Moore , A Hawk and a Hacksaw , Zu , Bastard Noise , Jim O'Rourke , The Murder Junkies , Lightning Bolt , Sleepytime Gorilla Museum , Estradasphere , Ludicra , and KK Null . [11] Gear used is varied, including Stefania's utilization of Death by Stereo distortion pedals and Digitech Digital Reverb, while Bruno noted the recent purchase of a Roland SPD-S drum pad as a staple of their evolved sound. [6]

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